Dancing Queen : Club Puzzle

The prime opportunity to become a club owner! 

☞ 3-match puzzles enjoyed with candies!
☞ You can enjoy without Wi-Fi
☞ Fun DJing from DJ friends!
☞The dancers that dance 24/7 don't even get tired!
☞ You can hire dancer friends as you enjoy candy puzzles!

Space Rider 2018

 Enjoy awesome speed in space!

☞ Infinite Thrilling Motorbike Riding!
☞ You can enjoy without Wi-fi
☞ You can ride at the speed of light.
☞ Compete with riders from all across the world for the top record.
☞ Overcome numerous obstacles in space to head to Earth in an endless journey!

Pixel War : Battle

Your picture is transformed into 625 different characters!

☞ The ultimate mass combat game!
☞ You can enjoy without Wi-fi
☞ No additional downloads!
☞ No data storage is worried! Total data usage: 31MB!
☞ Raise your Archer, Thief, Warrior, Tanker, and Soldier!